Blood Bank

Health update…time again for another round of blood work to check A1C level, cholesterol and such.

I truly don’t mind being stuck with a needle, yes the initial prick is not fun but it’s never really bothered me much.  What does suck is that I have to fast for 12 hours prior to the test which means no eating, no juice or soda, no coffee or tea.  Only water. 😦  In fact, this time I didn’t even take my nightly meds because it would have been in the fast time.  I wonder how this will effect the test.  Hoping there’s enough medication in me from taking daily doses for a year that missing one will not make any difference.

So, here it is 6:30 am and I have to wait for the lab to open…no coffee and my body is well aware that I haven’t put anything in it but water since 7:00 pm last night.  Normally, I would have a snack of some kind before going to bed – this is both to try keeping my blood glucose regulated and I’ve been working on increasing my metabolism so yes, my body knows it hasn’t had any food in 12 hours.

I’m quite cranky for waking up too early, was hoping to sleep till around this time, get up, throw clothes on and run out the door.  Instead I woke up an hour ago and am sitting here on facebook and wordpress trying to kill time but getting hungrier by the minute.

I thought blogging would distract me but here I am blogging about feeling hungry lol.  Fail

I am also well aware that my little hunger pain is incredibly minor in the grand scheme of things and there are much bigger issues and problems out there so I had my little wine whine fest and will move on.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Blood Bank

  1. I totally know how you feel. Anything medical-related easily gets blown way out of proportion. Hope you had something extra yummy after the test.

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