Mother Appreciation Day

I know, Mother’s Day isn’t for another month but I have an urge to post about this now so…deal with it. =P

There are a few Mothers in my sphere of influence (friends and such) who have stepped up to the plate of Motherhood extraordinaire.

A FORMER STEPMOTHER who fights for the rights of a child that isn’t her own but she helped raise and who’s Father is a pain in the arse who doesn’t act in the best interest of the boy.

A GOOD SAMARITAN who took in a teenager to try to get her on the right path where her parents failed her.  Even though the financial situation is not good, she stepped up and continues to do so.

A MATRON who is not a Mother in the traditional form but I see her reaching out and gathering her friends in warm, loving arms when they need it and guiding, strictly if needed, those who look up to her.  Sometimes she is reluctant in her role but there is no denying what she is to so many people.  More than a friend, a mentor and role model which sometimes weighs on her shoulders.

There are others too, they nurture, cuddle and guide their children.

I appreciate YOU who are doing it right.   This crazy freaking place would be better if more were like the three of you.

In my spiritual renovation I have always thought I’d be in the perpetual maiden form until I get old and jump straight to crone simply because of my lack of the urge to bare a child but the three of you have given me insight into what it is to truly be the Mother form, whether you have children or not.moons

For those who don’t know the three stages of the Goddess (womanhood), there is the Maiden the Mother and the Crone.  You probably have seen this symbol around, it depicts the three stages.  Mother being in the middle.


This year I will be working towards getting in touch with the feminine within me.  I have fought it to some extent but since moving to Japan I’m feeling more in tune and plan to begin meditating again.  To connect with myself and what stage I am in and how to more fully embrace it.

*the art above is linked to the site I borrowed it from, hopefully to satisfy copywriting.

2 thoughts on “Mother Appreciation Day

  1. You’re an amazing woman in your own right! Patience is an attribute of the Crone. Seems to me that She has revealed this secret to you already. Much love my friend

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