Playing Catch-Up (not Ketchup)

I haven’t posted much on our outings lately so below are some things we have been up to lately.


A Walkabout:

The buildings in Japan are so interesting, from the high tech high rises in Tokyo to the below photos of tiny shops and narrow homes lining just about every street, there is something to look at and wonder about.










20140309_115802 20140309_121209 20140322_153243






Often I have no idea what is going on inside and it makes me curious, is it a restaurant?  A shop?  Someone’s home?  My lack of learning Kanji has me at such a disadvantage but on the other hand my imagination gets to go crazy.

A Beach View:

We recently decided to go check out Zushi Beach which is a very short train ride and walk from Yokosuka and quite popular.

20140503_112235    20140503_115703



















We were slightly disturbed to see this American chain restaurant at the beach.


*shakes head*



Good Grief.



A Beer Festival:

We ventured back up to Yokohama for a beer festival because…well why not!?!












Always great fashion at events here!



20140427_164825This dog was awesome!






A sign:



A Ball:

And finally, I went stag to our Annual Submarine Birthday Ball – The husband was in the states seeing his daughter get confirmed.  It was interesting, there was a show put on by a group with drums and a mock-sword fight.  Pretty cool to watch.

20140403_205114 20140403_205125 20140403_205703














A Fish:

Our favorite Thai restaurant in town has these full fried stuffed fish on the menu that I had been wanting to try, finally did and soooooo glad, it was delicious, though a bit of work to eat.



That about wraps things up for now, we have been trying to take it easy on going out because we have a friend visiting this coming week and will be out a  lot with her, so excited about that!!!  Also, the husband’s daughter is coming out in a couple of months so that will be busy touristy time too.  There will be much to share in the next couple of months.


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