Wake Up Call


How long does it take you to wake up in the morning?


Before… I would set my alarm for exactly enough time to jump out of bed, get in the shower, dry/style hair, makeup application while drinking a cup of coffee, brush the teeth, throw on clothes and rush out the door.  No, I didn’t eat breakfast.  This was in my 20’s and early 30’s.  Maybe 1.5 hours from eyes open to out the door.


Now… I often wake up before my alarm which is set for 6:00 am which gives me just over 3 hours to be out the door for work.  I wake up, weigh myself, stumble to the kitchen for coffee (the husband says good morning and I grunt back-he’s usually awake before me), sit at the computer for 2+ hours looking at Facebook, emails, blogs, Instagram and Twitter, about 7:45 am I grab something for breakfast – usually a low sugar Greek yogurt and blueberries, maybe a banana- back at the computer till about 8:15 am then find music on my phone to hook up to my speaker in the bedroom, jump in the shower, hair, makeup, get dressed, maybe grab something to take for lunch and out the door heading to work.


Before…sleep in till 8:30 am or 9:00 am because the night before I was up late either out or watching movies/reading a great book until the wee hours the night before and slowly get moving to whatever the day holds.

Now…wake up at 5:00 am because I was in bed by 11:00 pm the night before and do basically exactly what I do during the week but add a second cup of coffee and an extra hour at the computer (or calling home) or till the husband starts moving around which gets me moving, definitely don’t rush to the shower at 8:15 am.  Start laundry, maybe clean some.  If motivated enough possibly go for a workout but that’s usually later in the day.

What has happened…

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2 thoughts on “Wake Up Call

    1. I’m bi-polar about it, some days I’m good with it .. other days I’m fighting back tears while looking at my chicken neck. I think if I can get something in a row I’ll be happy, if they are ducks then BONUS!

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