What’s In a Name?

So, a blogger I follow REDdog is from the very awesome Australia and recently posted about how Aussies use nicknames for everyone.  Too intriguing for me to pass up because I have never really had a nickname.  Sure some people have used Di or Diane (which isn’t shorter so not sure why that works for some people) but nothing as fun and stupid (in a complimentary way)  as the Aussies take it.  Nicknames are an art form there, truly.  Read more here.

I have had to create names for gaming reasons so was used to being called my game name by other gamers but can’t really go with that, just lame.  So, I was a little sad at not having a nickname, and secretly a little glad because some of the nicks are just not complimentary. haha!

Then he bestows me with this…

REDdog says:

Alrighty then! So you’re a bit of a maverick eh Di, strong willed yet self-deprecating (always a favourite combo). You live unburdened, by western standards, and prefer the wings to the spotlight. There is more to your love of Japanese culture than meets the eye, it resonates in you, not just with you, and I suspect you would make references in normal conversation enough to get the attention of your mates states-side when you get home. So I’m thinking your nickname should reflect your loves as well as your personality disposition. Female Samurai comes to mind, the Onna Bugeisha. Of course, that’s too much of a mouthful after a big night on the saki, so as is our Aussie way I’m thinking you would soon be getting the eclipsed version, which I reckon would be either Onna (woman*) or Bugeisha (warrior*) further reduced to “Buggy”. Personally, I like Buggy because of it’s built in mystery and irreverence for it’s origins…so, welcome aboard Buggy!

(*loose REDdog translation)

Buggy… :-/  Not the most feminine or elegant name but there it is.  A valiant effort by the man in characterizing me after only giving him a little information.

Don’t think I’ll start introducing myself as Buggy though mate.  That’ll get an eyebrow lift.  If that sticks I’ll be amazed, specially as it was dubbed online.  Good luck.

onna bogeisha

Image borrowed from Onna Bugeisha

15 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. That might get a great reaction though, someone has a bit of a laugh at your expense because of your wussy new nickname and then you put a katana blade to their throat…the ultimate ninja move. The only times I’ve seen nicknames stick is with persistent (relentless?) use by numerous other people, which I can’t see happening to you, OR you start introducing yourself that way, which only really works if you move away from everyone that’s ever known you and you think re-inventing yourself sounds like fun.

    One of the things I love about some of the names I’ve come across over the years is when you form a mental image from the nickname and it’s the polar opposite when you meet them. Like Lumberjack for the computer geek 3 cubicles down or Cinderella for the Sergent at Arms of the local Hells Angel chapter.

    Thanks for the shout out though, how cool are you?

  2. Buggy, huh? After being in a rickshaw with you AND beings southerner, that made me giggle for a multitude of reasons…Buggy. I rather like it. Mind if I try it on for size??? May have to just give is a whirl on FB…

  3. Lol Buggy, hmm not the most flattering images come to mind for that one! Nicknames are a weird one. For years I used to get Panther because one of my friends exes, whilst inebriated one evening, couldn’t get his tongue around Samantha and ended up calling me Panther and it just stuck! xx

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