The Not Quite Ill-ness

The husband and I have both been afflicted with an odd ailment that has me a bit baffled.  It started with just a feeling of not quite right, then turned in to a bit of fatigue and general not wanting to do anythingness and morphed into a slight sinus issue but not even enough to warrant stocking up on tissues.  His has turned in to a slight cough but definitely not a burst the blood vessel in your neck kind of hacking.  Mine has stayed in the sinuses but not gotten worse.

What is this craziness?  Either go away or knock me on my butt with sick, this in-between is just stupid.

It’s just a general not feeling great and a massive annoyance that had us home yesterday trying to kick it.  I’m done.  I’m going out today, the weather is just too nice to stay home and plug in to our various electronic devices to pass the time.

Oh and add to that I didn’t sleep well at all last night and my basic attitude so far today is:



4 thoughts on “The Not Quite Ill-ness

  1. This was so strange to read because it sounds like an exact copy of what my husband and I had last month. We spent a day or two basically binge eating and it seemed to fix it, though I have no idea why. It might have been something in our food that fought it, or maybe it was just chance… but it seemed to go on a long time without impact until we decided to try to eat it away. Anyway… good luck with it and I hope you both feel better soon!

    1. Thanks! Hoping it ends here. I don’t want the cough my husband has. He’s on Nyquill to be able to sleep. I wish eating through it worked, I do that every day lol.

      1. In our case, I had the cough, but my hubby didn’t. Maybe it was what was in our food? I don’t know. We put cayenne in everything and drank a lot of alcohol, maybe we just killed whatever it was that way, haha. 🙂

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