Bazaar is an AWESOME word

My apologies for the lack of posting lately.  We have been fighting this cold so not been out much the last week or so and likely won’t be doing much this weekend.  But as soon as we are back in good health the blogging of fun-ness in Japan will continue.  I may come up with a blog post or two this weekend.

We will be going to the USO Bazaar this weekend so if we pick up anything interesting I will share it.  Next week I have an eye doctor appointment, looking to get a second pair of glasses for emergencies (ok ok I’ll admit I left mine at the gym last week and about had a melt down over it) and the weekend after that I think is a festival and a pub crawl.  Also, Oktoberfest is going on in Yokohama so we will try to have some fun with that before it’s over.

The weather here is starting to cool down but we still have warm days.  Highs stay in the 70’s mostly with some humidity and sometimes rain.  The 70’s here feel warmer than the 70’s in San Diego or Tucson.  I remember feeling almost chilly in San Diego … not here yet.  Chilly won’t come till our highs are in the 60’s I think.  Typhoon season is here for the next couple of months so we’ll see how it goes.  Oh and we just found out they are cutting off the a/c next week so hopefully the weather will cooperate or I will be a bit cranky.

I haven’t posted my feelings on the government shutdown because I’m kind of waiting to see if it is going to hit us.  So far, we understand that the husband will be getting his normal pay however there is a rumor that the cost of living allowance may be suspended, this will hurt a little if it continues for very long, it’s a significant amount, but we are infinitely thankful that we worked hard over the last year and paid off all of our debt so our bills are minimal now.   My pay will not be effected since it’s a contract already funded for the next year or so.  A few of the offices on base are closed for now and I heard the commissary will but shortening their hours but will remain open.  I’m just hoping they sort something out soon and I agree with the many people who have voiced that Congress should not be getting paid during this shutdown.  Work it out people, earn  your incredibly high paycheck and perks out the ass.  Government overhaul please.

Moving on, please enjoy the Autumn weather and find time to sit quietly now and then to tune in to yourself, turn off the t.v. and mute the phone, ipad, tablet, etc.  Just sit and see where your mind goes.

Wishing you a very happy day, evening, night.

4 thoughts on “Bazaar is an AWESOME word

  1. Don’t crawl too many pubs, enjoy the fests, don’t sweat the details (like I can talk). The whole government thing, well, arghhhhh. Selfishness seems to be the most prevalent characteristic of today’s public political servant. What can we do about that?

    1. I don’t have an answer to that. All I know is the leaders in America are no longer public servants, as they were intended to be. They all have this personal agenda that should never come in to play. Greed and Ego. People blame this administration and that one but honestly, this has been going on for decades. Government office is a status symbol instead of a honor, a paycheck instead of a representative of the people.

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