The Codex Alera Book Review

It's been ages since I did a book review, you probably think I haven't been reading eh?  Not so, in fact I do have my GoodReads account pinned to the side panel if you are interested in what I'm reading at any given time (when I remember to update it hehe). 2015 had me reaching … Continue reading The Codex Alera Book Review

The Week of June

Well I managed to survive the week of June without much incident. From Father's Day through the 20th was a tough week and is every year, so much so that the rest of June seems incredibly insignificant. The Solstice came and went without much fuss and to my disappointment. I do this to myself.  My … Continue reading The Week of June

Karen Miller’s “The Awakened Mage”

For some reason I got the different books in the three different series mixed up and read this before Innocent Mage which is the first book. The story is interesting, certainly a different take on an isolated society and I enjoyed the magical and medieval-ness of it all.  However, there are some inconsistencies in Karen … Continue reading Karen Miller’s “The Awakened Mage”

Book Review – Moving Past The Romance Novel Marathon

As you may know I just finished re-reading all of the romance novels that had been in storage for about 20 years and donated them to Goodwill. Though I don't see reading more steamy type romances like Harlequin again, the project did prod my interest in reading again.  So, moving forward I intend to continue … Continue reading Book Review – Moving Past The Romance Novel Marathon

Book Five: “A Capital Holiday”

Janet Dailey's "A Capital Holiday" A very "G" rated romance novel with a Christmas-y twist.  Perfect for a teen just getting into the romance genre.  It's a short book with a quick, sweet story.  This is the kind of story that ends up on Hallmark channel not Lifetime - if you know what I mean. … Continue reading Book Five: “A Capital Holiday”