What’s In a Name?

So, a blogger I follow REDdog is from the very awesome Australia and recently posted about how Aussies use nicknames for everyone.  Too intriguing for me to pass up because I have never really had a nickname.  Sure some people have used Di or Diane (which isn't shorter so not sure why that works for … Continue reading What’s In a Name?

Blog Success To Do List

Why is it,  professional blogger people, that once you become super popular and well liked you end up bringing in guest bloggers to showcase on your blog?  I appreciate to some extent that you are opening a door for their blog to become more successful but seriously, I just want to read your thoughts thus … Continue reading Blog Success To Do List

Snack Attack – Corn Potage ?

The snacks this week were pretty interesting.  The corn potage flavored chips were the oddest thing I think I've had here so far.  The stick one was given to me by a coworker who loves them.  Very strange flavor to me.                             … Continue reading Snack Attack – Corn Potage ?

Sit Up Straight and Suck In Your Gut!

This was the initial reaction that hit me as I was innocently reading my email just now and a new message popped up:     "Le Clown is now following your blog"         Oh dear...*looks side to side*... If you don't know why I had this reaction you aren't following Le Clown's … Continue reading Sit Up Straight and Suck In Your Gut!

Mother Appreciation Day

I know, Mother's Day isn't for another month but I have an urge to post about this now so...deal with it. =P There are a few Mothers in my sphere of influence (friends and such) who have stepped up to the plate of Motherhood extraordinaire. A FORMER STEPMOTHER who fights for the rights of a … Continue reading Mother Appreciation Day

Directness to a Fault

I can't think of a time in my life where I wasn't as direct as possible in communicating.  Often, there is praise for it and people seem to appreciate it even though sometimes it's dripping with sarcasm =P  it just sneaks out.   Sometimes, I'll fully admit, my ability to communicate my thoughts hits a wall … Continue reading Directness to a Fault