Week One – Re-Charge

Time to get serious about being happy! With a very self indulgent weekend behind me, (consisting of comfort food that made me feel sick, bloated and spiked my blood sugar, not leaving the apartment for two days, not cleaning up after myself and definitely not exercising AT ALL) it's time to kick start my three … Continue reading Week One – Re-Charge

Three Week Re-Charge

Game On! Ok yes I know it's really more like Summer but for reasons I can't say or I'd have to kill you, I have a three week window right now - starting this afternoon - to do with as I fairly well please other than the four days a week when I have to … Continue reading Three Week Re-Charge

My May Day

Today, May 1st, is Beltane in Pagan calendars.  This is the day we celebrate fertility, abundance and the longer days of summer among other things.   It is the time in the harvest where we fertilize and nurture the seeds we have planted, shed sunlight on them but tending them so not to dry out. Today, … Continue reading My May Day

Mother Appreciation Day

I know, Mother's Day isn't for another month but I have an urge to post about this now so...deal with it. =P There are a few Mothers in my sphere of influence (friends and such) who have stepped up to the plate of Motherhood extraordinaire. A FORMER STEPMOTHER who fights for the rights of a … Continue reading Mother Appreciation Day

Birds of Prey ~ Spiritual Creatures

An unexpected surprise upon moving to Yokosuka are the birds.  Yes I know it's coastal, it's an island!  But, I am used to the Seagulls and Pigeons of California. I was not expecting to see two of my favorite birds constantly in the sky above. The Sea Hawk:  If you know me well you know I am … Continue reading Birds of Prey ~ Spiritual Creatures

My Seed Work

My Seed Work (some of this is borrowed from my friend Shirley) I celebrate the following Sabbats: Yule – December 21, 2013 Imbolc – February 2 Ostara (a/k/a spring equinox or vernal equinox) – March 20, 2013 Beltane (a/k/a May Day) – May 1 Midsummer (a/k/a Litha, summer solstice) – June 21, 2013 Lughnasadh (a/k/a … Continue reading My Seed Work